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Our Governance

NRS is led by an elected Council which works closely with our Rabbi and dedicated volunteer teams to plan and run our services and activities.


Council is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in June. 

Your 2022-2023 Council is:

  • Linda Scott, Chair

  • David Luper, Treasurer

  • Brenda Dinsdale, Honorary Life President

  • Gabrielle Mandell, Acting Secretary

  • Helen Brady, Services and Events

  • Barbara Berg, Social Events

  • Joanna Edwards, Music, Technology

  • Lesley Hagon, Social Action and Newsletter

  • Lesley-Anne Huddart, Representative of the Guild

  • Seth Marber, Property and Legal

  • Benny Ross, Safeguarding, Youth

  • Sylvia Rowlands, Membership

  • Barbara Salas, Ritual

  • Colin Scott, Building Management

  • Pauline Statt, Ritual



Key Policies

NRS Constitution 

This document is the basic framework for the synagogue.

NRS Rules 

This document expands on the Constitution and explains things like our membership structure, the role and operations of our Council and general meetings.


NRS recognises the vital importance of providing a safe setting for all its activities and a culture of openness and honesty for all who participate in them.


We recognise that we have a particular responsibility to protect the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults who may take part in educational, social, religious or other activities on NRS premises.


We acknowledge that abuse can happen in all communities and may take many different forms.  It is everyone’s responsibility to look out for each other.  If you have any safeguarding concerns about something that happened at NRS or that someone connected to NRS is at risk, please contact one of our Designated


Safeguarding Officers

Our safeguarding officers are Benny Ross and Martyn Edwards, who are both teachers by profession.

        Benny Ross                                                                     Martyn Edwards

If anyone has a question or concern about the safety or wellbeing of one of our community, please contact our safeguarding officers here


Health & Safety 

Part of having a building where we can gather is working to maintain that building well so that it provides a safe environment.  We also want to plan effectively for how we gather and what we do in the building, using appropriate risk assessments. 


Data Protection & Privacy 

We take the privacy of your personal information very seriously and take reasonable care to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation relating to the personal information you supply to be a member of NRS and on the website.


Environmental Policy 

NRS recognises that it has an ethical responsibility to protect the environment that goes beyond legal and statutory adherence. This first Environmental Policy should be viewed as a ‘working document’ which will be continually reviewed - as the Environmental Impact Team engages with the congregation more broadly. In this Policy we outline what is currently in place at NRS and what our objectives are for the future in order to become a more environmentally sustainable congregation.


Expenses Policy 

When our volunteers do things on behalf of NRS, it may be easier for them to pay for things directly and then request reimbursement.  This policy explains what types of costs NRS covers and how to claim for them.

NRS operates a Funeral Scheme for members of the Synagogue.  Coming soon - a document that sets out the terms and conditions of the Scheme, details of what it covers and how to join.

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