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Welcome to the Newcastle Jewish Book Group


Our next meeting will be on


Monday 24th April 2023

7:30 pm 

The meeting will be held virtually.

We will be discussing

The World and All That It Holds, by Aleksandar Hemon

Please be sure let us know if you plan to attend by contacting Gabrielle by e-mail at so that we can share the meeting link with you.

BBC Radio Newcastle investigated and researched the community supported hostel who sponsored and gave refuge to 20 Jewish girls who arrived in the UK on the Kindertransport. The culmination of the research and interviews was a 5 part podcast which can be accessed at this link. Recently the property used for the hostel at 55 Percy Park, Tynemouth was given a blue plaque to commemorate
the generosity of the residents of Tynemouth who continued to support the girls financially even after they were evacuated away from Tynemouth. This allowed the 20 girls to be kept together until they became independent. 


Darlington Holocaust Memorial Day
One Day - a poem by Bess Robertson


One day there will be peace on all the earth
Every man, woman and child will know their worth
One day the autumn with its red, gold and browns
Will be so vibrant on hills and downs
One day the spring will usher forth flowers
A beautiful season on this planet of ours
One day we will come to realise

That we have done well, without compromise
One day in future generations
We pray for love and peace among nations
One day our compassion will become our main joy
Not riches, not power, nor wars that destroy
One Day you will stand proud and tall,
You haven't forgotten, you remember it all
One day we will learn the lesson so clearly
Lest we forget, remember it yearly.
One day. One day, one day

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