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Children's Education and Activities

Children are the future of our community and are always welcome at our services and celebrations.

Family Services

We hold regular Family Shabbat services – usually on the first Shabbat (Saturday morning) of the month – when our children and young people lead many of the prayers and engage in some Torah learning. There is always a good kiddush (blessings, snacks, drinks and a chance to socialise) on these occasions, with cake and crisps usually in plentiful supply.

Cheder - Religion School

On most Sunday mornings we hold Hebrew classes where our children from about age 6 onwards learn the Hebrew alphabet and start to get to grips with the language of the Torah. Visiting Rabbis or rabbinical students often lead an activity session or a discussion with our young people. Children’s services sometimes take place on the High Holy Days, led either by a rabbi or by volunteers. We maintain a flexible approach, depending on the numbers and ages of children, the availability of volunteers, and what the families require.

Events and Activities

An informal group of parents and other volunteers should be thanked for organising occasional events to celebrate special points in the Jewish calendar. These are invariably popular with children and adults. There have been celebrations of Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, Tu Bishvat, and several families participated in Mitzvah Day and in activities to promote the growing of flowers and vegetables in the Shul grounds.


Organising, leading, teaching and supporting all these activities are vital ways to contribute to our community. Anyone can get involved – we require our volunteers to have DBS clearance, but you don’t need any superhero skills or permanent positions on committees. Just tell us what you’d like to help with, and your contribution will be welcomed, valued and appreciated, and it will be a lot of fun for you too.
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