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Havdallah Ceremony
Havdallah Ceremony



Dear members and friends, 

Unfortunately due to the evolving situation with COVID-19 and the government's new advice to avoid all forms of social gathering, we have made the hard decision to suspend all services. 

We are however implementing a number of measures to keep us all supported during these trying times. 

1) Assistance/volunteer forms. One of the ways we can support each other is to help those who can't leave the house, for instance running an errand or having a phone call to help keep spirits raised. How can you help?

We have created a simple form that will take less than 2 minutes to complete if you are able to support someone in need. 

We have also created a simple form for those who need to ask for help.

Please complete either as appropriate. You can use the same links to amend your information as your individual situation changes. 

We are forming a small team to help us coordinate efforts matching those who need help with someone locally (iff appropriate). If you have a few minutes to spare a few times a week to help with the coordination please contact Linda, Jo, Helen or Barbara.

2) Shabbat. NRS is continuing to hold successful, very well attended online services every Shabbat morning and for festivals. Details and Zoom linksmay be obtained by contacting info@newcastlereformsynagogue.co.uk

3) Regular updates. In addition, we are going to be sending regular updates via email with news, developments or links that people can access from home. There are a number of streaming services that are now free due to COVID-19. If you find something online that you think other members of the community could enjoy, please send us an email with the link and we will distribute it as a “newsletter” regularly. 

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well 

Your NRS Council


We are a friendly Progressive Jewish community, welcoming members and visitors from across the North East of England. We offer regular Shabbat and festival services, life cycle events, learning opportunities and social occasions. We organise fun and educational school visits and delicious meals, always serving a warm welcome. 

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